Impact of Corona Virus on Education and Life of the Students

Impact of Corona Virus on Education and Life of the Students

All the students spent the year 2020 in their homes and attended their classes with the help of online learning system. If they were assignment any academic assignment, they searched for dissertation services online to get their help.

But this system cannot be used forever.

In 2021, we still have to face COVID-19. At the start of the year, we have to face the dilemma of the uncertainty about going to educational places or not. It is still confusing if we would be able to have a “normal” 2021 or not. Well, for now, we are having a step toward “normal conditions”. Maybe, in the third month of the year 2021, we would be able to go to our schools. But, still, it is just a “maybe”. It is not certain that we would go to schools and universities or not.
The students of universities faced a big problem in comparison with college and school students. It does not matter if you entered the university just as a freshman or you were in the last year of your university studies, Corona Virus did leave some impact on the studies of the university students. It is a mark that cannot be changed just by attending some online classes or being homeschooled when you have been used to school lectures all the time. Considering the vital impact of covid-19 on our lives, supervisors and the teachers frequently assigned their students to write academic essay on COVID-19 to impart useful knowledge among them. 
In this article, we would be discussing the problems and the expectations of the students of universities around the world.

The Impact of Corona Virus on the Education and the Life of the Students

The Expectations of the Students Regarding Shifting

All the students are pretty excited to enter the university in their new year. And especially, the first-year students are thrilled to carry on their life with a new experience in the form of university life. Even though the second year, third year, and the last year students have some experience, it is always thrilling to enter a new semester of the university.
So, all the students at the beginning of the year 2020 were pretty energized and they have had their goals set-up. And, of course, everyone wants to learn something new and do something surprising.
Now, at the beginning of the year, everyone did something, planned their yearly goals, had admissions in the university, did their best to maintain their schedule.
We didn’t face lock-down at the very beginning of the year 2020. In the first six months of the year 2020, we had to isolate ourselves from the whole world and live in our home.
Now, the students of the university had to face a scenario.
They had been in the university for six months before lock-down. They had completely settled in the university and had adapted themselves to the university life and environment.
As the saying goes on,
“Mankind finds some difficulty but finally adapts to the environment around him.”
The students had adapted to the life of the university. The fresher students have had some friends at the university. They have been used to the morning lectures, lunchtime tutorials and many have experienced the strange hostelry parties and trips with their friends.
But, in March, the COVID-19 hits at its peak and shakes the world. When it is known that this virus can spread by the contact of the humans, you are asked to stay in your home and study by the use of online platforms.
In the 1/4th of the second, you are pushed into isolation. It is completely against your will because you want to study in the presence of your friends and do some pranks with your classmates and professors.
This is the scene for the students who are fresh and in the first year of the university.
But, we have to take into consideration the conditions of the students who were in their second year, their year, and the last year. Let’s discuss the scenario of the student of the last year.
There is a student who has been working much harder than anyone and was determined to win first place in the university. The student has been working hard on the lectures and was ready enough to have a place in the university examinations.
But, all of the sudden, the examination department canceled the examinations and you have to learn online.
The things didn’t go according to your expectations or wish. You are in your home all isolated and attend all your classes online. And, this is the beginning of the feeling when you have to feel all stranded. You are confused if you would be able to give the examinations or not. You can’t come to a result that whether you would be able to show your hard work or not.
At this point, we cannot deny the fact that all the sectors of life were affected highly. The pandemic had something to do with all the factors of life. Mainly, the pandemic pushed the whole of mankind to stay in their homes and work when isolated or just sit lazily to enjoy tv shows with krystal jung
But, we have to admit that the higher education sector was highly affected. The students were in confusion about their studies and they couldn’t focus much on their online lectures. The students of the university had to go through a lot to have their notes ready and do something productive while staying at home. The pandemic had a noteworthy and impactful revolution in the educational department that was not expected by anyone in the sector of education.
In universities, the first and the main focus and expectation of the students is the achievement of knowledge, write some dissertations and then, gain a degree. But, all the students don’t just expect to do this alone while in university life. Of course, if there are only studies in the university, then we can do it from the home online as well.
In the university, the method of the delivery of the courses is changed in a completely new way. Even though it is true, the education part of education still has some importance in the university. And, this is the part of the educational period; we are expected to have a degree to gain the best job of our dreams.
In the year 2020, due to COVID-19, we lost the chance of experiencing the extracurricular and co-curricular parts of university life. We lost the chance of joining societies and sports clubs and mostly looked for the academic writers to help in our educational assignments. The opportunity of enjoying an expansive range of hobbies has been taken away from us. We cannot explore the city or town which we wanted to do so with the excuse of writing a dissertation. The opportunity of having pub nights, club nights, movie nights can’t be renewed by us. Even the occasional formal ball held at the university at the end of the year can’t be enjoyed this year.
Humans tend to socialize themselves and better know other people to have some fun and easiness of life. All people want to go to social places to find the real meaning of life by interacting with new people and going through the importance of life.
In the year 2020, the act of creating and maintaining friendships has been more difficult and challenging than ever.
First, we used to go to places, interact with people, come to know them, and befriend them. But, in 2020, we couldn’t do it as the first thing; going out to social places was much more difficult.
The first reason for going to university is the gain of education and a degree. The main reason for attending university is attending lectures and tutorials. The professors come to teach us and deliver something new to us.
If this is the main reason, then we have to admit that the delivery of education has not changed in the year 2020. The delivery of lectures and tutorials has changed. In the current condition, we cannot meet our friends but can listen to them if we have the chance to do so. We cannot work in small groups and study on a topic with the help of our friends.
The students have to be fully online. In either case, they can work under a family lamp. Many students have been able to go to their homes. But, some of the students have been in the halls of residence or a student flat.
The place of your living depends on your conditions. If you are at home, you have some convenience. These things can change if the situation of the pandemic changes further.

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