What is a Best Essay? Why students need to write an essay

What is a Best Essay?

During the academic career every student has to write some kind of essay. The main purpose of writing the best essay is to understanding and evaluate students research and writing skills. Essay is a personal point of view of an author in written form. Essays are usually not story bound yet they are subjective type of academic writing. Expository and narrative essays are also popular in academic disciplines. Some other types of essays are:

  • Literary criticism essays
  • Political policies essays
  • Learned argumentative essays
  • Essays on Observations of daily life
  • Essays on recollections
  • Essays on reflections of the author

best essay writing servicesEssays are generally based on five paragraphs structure. It is the student’s first exposure to the genre. These five paragraphs are as follows:

  • Introduction: introduction is required in all types of essays to present thesis statement of the essay.
  • Body paragraph 1: presents the first important idea with all the major points.
  • Body paragraph 2: it explanations second most important ideas with all the relevant main points.
  • Body paragraph 3: this supports the thesis question with evidences and quotations.
  • Conclusion: it restates the thesis statement and summarizes all the main points and ideas.

Some scholars are of the opinion that high quality best essay must have more complicated structure than it.

Some guidelines about different types of academic best essay are written below:

Academic essay having 2,000 to 5,000 words are more demanding than others. These longer essays begin with brief analysis summary of past written work about the selected topic which is known as literature review. It also requires an introduction page in which some words and phrases are defined related to the topic. The purpose of assigning essays to the students is to assess and test their writing, intellectual, and thoughts presenting abilities. Some familiar types of academic essays are:

Descriptive essays

A vivid picture of a person, object, event, debate or location n is presented in the descriptive essays. This type of essay provides details of anything which is understudy to the reader to imagine the item described.

Narrative essays

In the narrative essays the students describes or narrates the course of any event from a subjective part. These essays might be written in the personal language by using first-person present tense or first-person past tense. Narrative essay focuses on the main point of view of the narrator. It clearly identifies the common and specific features of subjectivity and expresses it smoothly.

Compare and contrast essays

The basic purpose of writing compare and contrast essays is to build and develop a relation between two or more things.

amazing discount by dissertation servicesPersuasive essays

As it is clear from the name, writer tries to persuade the reader about any idea or argument in the persuasive essay. The writer tries his level best to convince the reader about his argument with different opinions and examples. The style of persuasive essay must be interesting and attractive. It should grab and hold the attention of the reader from the first stanza. Then the writer has to back up his opinion with some supportive evidences and examples.

Argumentative essays

Controversial issues are discussed in the argumentative essays. Writing an argumentative essay on any serious issue which has some disagreements and some agreements is an example.

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